Fires in Thailand

24 March 2013


MODIS Scene of Thailand fires and smoke, acquired on March 24, 2013. Source: NASA Earth Observatory
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This map shows the Fire Weather Index Forecast until Saturday 30 March 2013.
The FWI will remain high in the Chiang Mai Region for the next 5 days.
The black dots represent the fire locations of Saturday 23 March 2013.
Source: Global Wildland Fire Early Warning System


Recent Media Reports on Fires in Thailand:


Aerial anti-haze operations conducted in North

24 March 2013

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Thailand -- With fine-particle dust levels in the air in many upper northern provinces continuing to exceed safe levels, the Northern Royal Rainmaking Centre yesterday dispatched planes to fight haze for a second consecutive day, centre director Song Klinprathum said.

The first operation, conducted on Friday, used the "black hole" technique (spraying urea and dry ice in a counter-clockwise direction in the target area) in order to open up space for dust to ventilate and move away from the affected areas.

Yesterday's operation was conducted in two targeted areas: above Mae Hong Son's Mae Sariang district and above Phrae province. In each area, two teams of three aircraft conducted spraying at the same time. In each team, one plane sprayed a "hot formula" while flying clockwise at 8,500 feet, while the other two planes sprayed urea and dry ice while flying counter-clockwise at 7,500 feet to "open the air space", Song explained.

Rainmaking is not possible at the moment due to many factors. Hence, the centre used the "black hole" technique to alleviate the situation, pending better conditions to conduct rainmaking, he said.


Haze delays Charupong's flight

24 March 2013

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Thailand -- Haze and thick smoke from forest fires on Sunday morning stalled a planned helicopter trip by Interior Minister Charupong Ruangsuwan and officials from Chiang Mai to the ravaged Karen refugee centre in Mae Hong Son's Khun Yuam district.

The volume of dust particles and haze in Chiang Mai on Sunday morning was measured at 175 microgrammes per cubic metre, much higher than the limit, causing many commercial flights to be postponed.

The weather conditions also halted the trip by helicopter of a group of officials led by Mr Charupong and Chatchai Promlert, director-general of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department, who planned to fly from Chiang Mai to visit the refugee centre.

Chote Trachu, the permanent secretary for natural resources and environment, and Manopas Huamuangkaew, director-general of the National Parks and Wildlife Department, went to Nakhonping Hospital in Chiang Mai to visit forest fire fighters who have been seriously injured and are being treated at the hospital.

Two fire fighters were killed and five others seriously injured when a six-wheel truck they were travelling in plunged into a ravine between kilometre markers 83 and 84 in Pai district while they were on the way to the Karen refugee centre in Mae Yuam district to help put out the fire there.


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