Regional Subsahara Wildland Fire Network (Afrifirenet)

AfriFireNet (e.V. - VR 700380)  is a registered Public Benefit Organization


The majority of Africa's vegetation is influenced by natural and anthropogenic fires since millennia. Most of the savannas and grasslands need to be managed by ecologically sound use of fire, and by involving the participation of rural communities. Fire-susceptible equatorial rainforests and mountain forests must be absolutely protected from any fire. Plantation forests need to be treated by prescribed fire in order to reduce fuel build-up. Regional cooperation in Sub-Sahara Africa through the AfriFireNet gives priority on capacity building in fire management.

The Regional Network is a cooperative effort with the Central African Regional GOFC/GOLD Network, the West Africa Regional Network (WARN) and the MIOMBO / SAFNeT Southern African Regional GOFC/GOLD Network