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GFMC Reports on Tourism and Fires –
selected examples starting with the most recent events:



USA: Wildfires across pacific northwest take a toll on local economies (published by 07 September 2017)

USA: Sierra national forest fires impact tourism business in surrounding towns (published by 04 September 2017)

France: Forest fires leave thousands of passengers stranded across southern France (published by 20 August 2017)

USA: Tourist cancellations far beyond B.C. wildfire zone (published by 17 August 2017)

UK: Beware heatwave Lucifer: British tourists warned about "dangerous" temperatures of up to 46C sweeping Europe (published by 04 August 2017)

France: Terrifying moment tourists gasp as their bus inches past a raging wildfire on the island of Corsica as the two teenage arsonists suspected of being behind massive blaze on the French Riviera are arrested (published by 26 July 2017)

France / Netherlands: France forest fires trigger evacuation of Dutch tourists (published by 25 July 2017)

Canada: Can I get a refund on my vacation booking near a wildfire? It depends (published by 14 July 2017)

Zimbabwe: Roles of stakeholders in veld fire management (published by 05 July 2017)

USA: Wildfire destroys home, hurts businesses in Utah ski town (published by 19 June 2017)

USA: Fire 50 percent contained at Washington state tourism spot (published by 24 May 2017)

Thailand: Haze haunts the north (published by 29 March 2017)

India: Drought, forest fires likely to affect tourism industry (published by 14 March 2017)

Forest fires threaten Uttarakhand’s status as tourist haven: Experts (published by 03 May 2016)

Tourist bookings plummet after Great Ocean Road bushfire (published by 01 May 2016)

NRCT, CMU announce Haze Free Thailand campaign (published by 26 April 2016)

USA: Fire in Shenandoah National Park second largest in park's history (published by 25 April 2016)

USA: Survival strategies to help you escape a forest fire (published by 16 April 2016)

Australia: $20 million of tourism trade stripped from Lorne after Black Christmas bushfire, report reveals (published by  20 March 2016)

Expect a smaller golden egg this year (published by 11 January 2016)

Haze causes tourism gloom in Singapore (published by 11 September 2015)

Wildfires impact Lake Chelan tourism (published by 07 September 2015)

10,000 campers forced to flee forest fire in France (published by 27 July 2015)

Sask. park officials worried forest fires scaring away tourists (published by 10 July 2015)

Grey shroud covers North Thailand (published by 13 March 2015)

Forest fire zone becomes 'tourist hit' for Sweden (published by 15 October 2014)

Smoke from wildfire cancels Ironman Tahoe events (published by 21 September 2014)

'It was like Pompeii': British family recount moment they were forced to evacuate Spanish holiday apartment as raging forest fire sent hot ash raining down on them (14 July 2014)

Large Wildfire Burns in Netherlands National Park (22 April 2014)

Tourists stay on despite haze (05 March 2014)

Halls Gap tourism recovering after bushfires scare visitors away (28 January 2014)

North Stradbroke Island's tour operators want visitors to return after bushfires hit trade hard (27 January 2014)

Blue Mountains bushfires cost region's tourism industry $71 million (29 December 2013)

Blue Mountains tourism takes hit after bushfires (16 December 2013)

Struggling on - tourism revenue down by 80pc (04 December 2013)

Tourism losses hit $30m after Blue Mountains bushfires (14 November 2013)

Fire forces campers to flee bushfire in WA's Karijini National Park (07 November 2013)

Wildfire and park shutdown decimate Yosemite tourist businesses (24 October 2013)

Southern Oregon wildfires ignite scam: false evacuation alerts (1 August 2013)

Wildfires impacting tourism (24 June 2013)

Bushfire bites into Alpine region's economy  (01 March 2013)

Bushfire memories still keep tourists away (21 November 2012)

Parks funding gap sparks bushfire fears (14 November 2012)

Some local tourism businesses feel pinch (03 November 2012)

Big soccer tourney, other sports tourism, goes up in smoke in Wenatchee (15 October 2012)

Spanish tourism pros concerned about effect of wildfires (16 August 2012)

Tourists evacuated as forest fires engulf city of Valencia (02 July 2012)

UPDATE 2-Raging Colorado wildfire grows, threatens gated community (26 June 2012)

Wildfire threatens to cast a shadow on Colorado summer (15 June 2012)

Forest fire ravages tourism in Timmins (08 June 2012)

Wildfire aftermath likely to leave dozens of BWCA campsites closed when season opens in MN (11 March 2012)

Northern haze costs Thai tourism more than THB50bil in revenue loss (10 March 2012)

Haze problem cuts number of tourists in Chiang Rai (29 February 2012)

Tourism falls off at Texas parks hit hard by drought, wildfires, funding woes (28 January 2012)

Israeli tourist held over massive Chile wildfire (31 December 2011)

Tourists Evacuated from Chilean Park Due to Fire (29 December 2011)

Blaze of anger hits tourists (05 October 2011)

Travel advice Portugal Forest Fires (29 July 2011)
Warning by Österreichischer Automobil-, Motorrad-und Touring Club (ÖAMTC) (PDF, 33 KB)

British tourists forced to flee as forest fires ravage northern Ibiza (29 May 2011)

Mediterranean forest fires alarm residents, tourists alike (23 August 2010)

International Tourism In Victoria Skyrockets (09 June 2010)

Water scarcity: Muthumalai Forest Closed-Tourist entry banned (17 March 2010)

Mt. Pulag off limits to trekkers to prevent forest fires (12 March 2010)

Fears bushfire ratings stopping tourists (17 February 2010)

Catastrophic fire warning hits tourism (08 February 2010)

Australia Invests $10 Million For Bushfire Tourism Industry Support Package (29 January 2010)

Forest fire continues to rage in a Nagaland valley (11 January 2010)

Bushfire fears hit country tourism (14 December 2009)

Hundreds of tourists evacuated in Greek forest fire (13 October 2009)

Months later, no review of SC fire in tourist area (4 October 2009)

Sun Island Tours dispels any concerns over the recent bush fires in Greece (25 August 2009)

Fire on La Palma, Canary Islands (04 August 2009)

British holidaymakers flee and celebrities' homes threatened as fires rage across Mediterranean resorts (27 June 2009)

Wildfires in Sardinia Kill Two; Temperature Tops 100 (27 June 2009)

Bushfire regions receive tourism funding (1 June 2009)

A post-wildfire landscape awaits tourist (17 May 2009)

Tourists flock to bushfire-affected regions for Easter (9 April 2009)

Tourism push for bushfire areas (17 March 2009)

Govt Warning: Chiang Mai Can Damage Your Health (12 March 2009)

India: 200 tourists rescued from forest fire (10 March 2009)

Uruguayan authorities evacuate tourists from forest fire (7 January 2009)

Uruguay: Fire Rages Near Uruguay Beach Resort (02 January 2009)

Forest Fires Force Evacuation of Croatian Resort (22 September 2008)

Forest fires destroy 10,000 hectares in Turkey's Antalya, one dead (03 August 2008)

Turkish forest fires devastate tourist region (03 August 2008)

Canadian tourist couple died in veld fire, police say (28 June 2008)

Kangaroo Island tourism suffering (01 April 2008)

Bush fire engulfs Kenyan wildlife park (23 February 2008)

USA: A Tale of Two Tahoes: Tourists on Beaches; Elsewhere, Destruction (29 June 2007)

Indonesia: Eco-tourism At Risk in Indonesia (18 June 2007)

USA: Catalina Invites Tourists Back After Wildfire (4 June 2007)

Indonesia: ‘No easy solution’ to Indonesian haze woes (21 April 2007)

Australia: Bushfire areas reopen for long-weekend tourists (6 April 2007)

Thailand: Air quality in Chiang Mai improves (30 March 2007)

Australia: National park ravaged by bushfire (13 February 2007)

Australia: Planning laws fail to protect us from bushfire (7 February 2007)

Australia: Victoria's Hermit Mt bushfire contained (31 January 2007)

Australia: Bracks pledges extra $4m for bushfire affected tourism (31 January 2007)

USA: Evacuations ordered for wildfire (27 August 2006)  

France: Forest fire rages near French tourist mecca (15 August 2006) 

France: Incendie: plus de 4.000 personnes évacuées dans le Var (14 August 2006) 

Spain: Forest fires damage Stone Age paintings, carvings (12 August 2006) 

Australia: Tourist lost escaping from bushfire (10 August 2006) 

USA: Fire Not Deterring Hoodsport Tourists (5 August 2006) 

USA: Grand Canyon North Rim closed to tourism, travel (30 June 2006) 

Australia: New ad campaign launched for Grampians tourism (19 June 2006)  

Mexico: Forest fire damages Yucatan ruins in Mexico (15 May 2006) 

Mexico: Incendios forestales amenazan a balneario mexicano de Cancún (30 April 2006)

Australia: Bushfire tourism only hope for Grampians (6 February 2006)

South Africa: Huge veld fires wreak havoc at top tourism spots (2 February 2006)

South Africa: Tourist held for starting blaze with cigarette (27 January 2006)

Malaysia: HAZE WATCH: Be prepared for return of the haze (19 August 2005)

Spain: At least 11 people killed at forest fire in central Spain (18 July 2005)

France: Incendie sur la Côte d'Azur: quelque 5.000 campeurs évacués (5 July 2005)

Peru: Incendio forestal pone en peligro complejo arqueológico de Machu Picchu (5 July 2005)

Chile: Tourists affected by forest fire in Torres del Paine National Park (February 2005)

New Zealand: Bush blaze has tourists beating a retreat (January 2005)

Fire, smoke and tourists in Malaysia (June 2004)

Tourists affected by wildfires in Mediterranean Europe (August 2003)

France: Three tourist camping sites in the community of Agay were evacuated (July 2003)

Indonesia: World's largest lizard and tourist sites get some help against fire destruction (February 2003)

Fire and smoke threatening Malaysia Grand Prix (March 2002)

Tourist sector threatened by bush and forest fires in Australia (January 2002)

U.S.A.: 17 hikers and backpackers in Washington were airlifted to safety (August 2001)

Third Memorandum and chronic of a catastrophic forest fire on Samos Island (Greece) (July 2000)

Forest fires in the U.S.A: Tourist sites closed (August 2000)