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         Korea: Forest Fire Danger Index


Forest Fire Danger Index
The forest fire  forecasts of the Korea Forest Research Institute,  Korea Forest Service provides an information service which includes the prediction of forest fire danger. On this web a daily forest fire danger map of South Korea is published at: 

The explanations are given in Korean. To facilitate the interpretation of the map the following main elements are translated:

Fire danger levels displayed on the map:


low (blue)

high (yellow) 

extreme (red)


To obtain more detailed forest fire danger forecasts the user may click on the links on the buttons in the left upper part (24 h and 48 h forecast). The Fire Danger Index is calculated every hour between 07:00 h and 21:00 h seven days a week. The 24 h and the 48 h forecast is calculated four times a day between 12:00 h and 21:00 h.


The website will be available in english in the near future.



Further Information about the system see: (will be added soon)