New Zealand Fire Weather Forecasts

In New Zealand the National Rural Fire Authority (NRFA) is responsible for coordinating the rural fire management activities. These activities include, among other, regional rural fire control, rural fire management training, and monitoring fire danger conditions throughout the country.

Forecasted fire danger is periodically provided by the NRFA. Maps of the likely fire danger for several weeks are based on projected seasonal climate forecasts:

Information about Fire Weather in New Zealand is provided by an extracted from the "National Standard Course for Crew Boss", 200 Series Training Module 221 "Fire Behaviour":

Rural fire fighting in New Zealand is carried out by a force of 3,000 volunteers and part-time firefighters. These volunteers and part-time firefighters belong to 95 Rural Fire Authorities. The RFAs consist of Territorial Local Authorities, Department of Conservation, New Zealand Defence Force, and Rural Fire District committees. Members of the RFAs sit on the 16 Regional Rural Fire Committees. The RRFCs promote regional co-ordination and co-operation, provide advice, and assistance for the activities of the NRFA.