Forest Fire Warning in Vietnam


In Vietnam, information about forest fire and fire warning can be found on website of the Forest Protection Department. The website provides information about:

Forest Fire Danger Index

Degree of Danger


Low level


Medium level


High level


Dangerous level


Extremely dangerous level

  • Forest Fire Warning: one can directly access daily updated information about:

         (i) Forest fire warning across Vietnam by clicking on “CẢNH BÁO CHÁY RỪNG” on the right corner of the homepage
         ( This icon is depicted by a burning forest background;

                       After entering into forest fire warning page, one should see the updated information about forest fire warning of the day from Forest Protection Department. It is easy to see
                       two tabs on the middle of the screen, the current page (also the default page) contains lists of areas warned for forest fire categorized by warning levels. The adjacent tab is
                       the map that shows the areas on the country map.

          (ii) Fire hotspots detected from satellite by clicking on “ĐIỂM CHÁY TỪ VỆ TINH” just below the forest fire warning
          ( ). This icon is recognized by a satellite flying above burning mountains.

           After clicking on “ĐIỂM CHÁY TỪ VỆ TINH”, one should see the same structure of information arrangement with “CẢNH BÁO CHÁY RỪNG”. However, the
           information is updated from satellite.