All-Union Research Institute for Forest Fire Protection

(IFFN No. 6 - January 1992, p. 11-13)

The All-Union Research Institute for Forest Fire Protection and Forestry Mechanization (VNIIPOMleshoz - the Russian acronym) is a national forest service-related, forestry-specialized research and development organization The institute incorporates several auxiliary departments and subsidiary organizations: the Baikal Forest Experiment Station, an experimental machinery building shop, an experimental forest farm, and a field work station.

The institute's principal field of work embraces mechanization of forest fire control operations and other forestry works except logging; also fire prevention and organization of wildfire suppression. Key activities include studies in problem areas of wildland fire management, researches in fire effects and fire regimes, fire spread simulation and prediction, development and introduction into practice of improved and innovated techniques, processes and machines for forest fire prevention and suppression, and for reforestation. The most important projects are conducted in cooperation with outside specialized research and industry organizations.

The last 10 years of the institute's activity have been marked with the following number of developments and results: 

A total of 79 inventions and processes were patented, and 375 papers and monographs were published by the institute's researchers. The results of the research and development work are widely applied throughout the country. The institute participates regularly in forest industries-related exhibitions at the USSR National Economy Development Standing Exhibition, the Lesdrevmash and Selkhoztechnika international exhibitions in Moscow. A total of 42 exhibits were displayed and following awards earned: 2 diplomas, 5 silver and 6 bronze medals.

At present time the main lines of work are: 

Funding of research and development projects is composed of project grants from the authority organization and secondary government forestry departments and bureaux, and outside contracts with forest management and forest industry organizations.

The researchers of the institute are willing to expand international collaboration.

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Boris P. Yakovlev,
Director, All-Union Research Institute
for Forest Fire Protection and
Forestry Mechanization (VNIIPOMleshoz)

Krasnoyarsk 660036

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