Forest Fire

No. 23 - December 2000

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GTZ-Special on Wildland Fire

Editorial I
Editorial II
PART I Fire Policies - "Shaping the institutional Frameworks"
Global Fire Issues
After the Fires in East Kalimantan/Indonesia – Forest Policy Challenged to Support Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)
Fire in Indonesia and the Integrated Forest Fire Management Project - IFFM
Integrated Fire Management - The Mongolia Experience
Bushfire Monitoring and Management
PART II Fire Management "Mitigating the Impact"
Fire Damages in East Kalimantan in 1997-98 Related to Land Use - ERS-SAR Inventory Results
A Fire Information System for East Kalimantan
The Use of Simple Fire Danger Rating Systems as a Tool for Early Warning in Forestry
Fire Prevention in East Kalimantan
Rehabilitation of Fire-affected Forests in East Kalimantan
Prevention and Control of Forest Fires in the Nature Conservation Area Rio Doce in Minas Gerais
Forest Fire Fighting Equipment. What to Buy?

The Ethiopia Fire Emergency between February and April 2000

Part III Fire and People "Safeguarding Livehoods"
The Culture of Fire on southern Africa on example of Lesotho and Madagascar
Wildfires in the Andean Patagonia Region of Argentina
Community-based Wildfire Management in Mongolia
Twelve Fire Management Centres at District Level within the Province of East Kalimantan
The Impact of Fire on Native Vegetation - The Example of the Cool-Temperate Forest in Patagonia
The 1997-98 Air Pollution Episode in Southeast Asia Generated by Vegetation Fires in Indonesia

Country Notes

Cyprus: The Forest Fire Situation in Cyprus
Greece: Fire Situation in Greece
Italy: Fires in Summer 2000
Lebanon: Fire Situation in Lebanon
USA: Prescribed Fire Training in Florida - The National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center (PFTC)

Research & Technology

Belarus: An Automated Remote Infrared and Television System for Forest Fire and Ecological Monitoring
France: GAMMA-EC: Gaming and MultiMedia Applications for Environmental Crisis Management Training
Portugal: Project Eagle - A Pilot Project on Forest Fire Detection in Central Portugal
GESTOSA 2000 - Experimental Fires in Shrub Vegetation in Central Portugal
South Africa: Firehawk™ - Electronic Forest Fire Detection and Management System
Russian Federation: TV Systems for Early Detection of Forest Fires in Leningrad Region

In Memoriam

Meetings Planned for 2000

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