International Wildfire Preparedness Mechanism (IWPM)
Tools of the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) for advising / supporting nations and the United Nations in
Capacity Building in Wildland Fire Management and Wildfire Disaster Risk Reduction


Regional Consultation of the OSCE addressing Disaster Risk Reduction: Czech Republic,
September 2014

National Consultation on Fire Management:
Ukraine, April 2014

The GFMC is offering a number of tools that may either be used directly online or be requested for implementation by interested parties. Some tools will require finances for implementation (Last Update: 26 March 2016):

  • Overview of tools (PDF)

  • GFMC Tool 1 - Global Wildland Fire Information System

  • GFMC Tool 2 - Regional Wildland Fire Networks under the aegis of the Global Wildland Fire Network

  • GFMC Tool 3 - International and regional advisory bodies / services for fire management

  • GFMC Tool 4 - Global Wildland Fire Early Warning System and global portal for national and regional wildland fire early warning

  • GFMC Tool 5 - International support tools / services for wildfire emergency response

  • GFMC Tool 6 - Establishment and services of Regional Fire Management Resource Centers

  • GFMC Tool 7 - National Round Tables on Fire Management

  • GFMC Tool 8 - Systematic application of outreach work in participatory (community-based) fire management

  • GFMC Tool 9 - Capacity building in the application of principles of integrated fire management in biodiversity management, nature conservation and protected areas management



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