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·         USA: How the Forest Service Helped Shape our Nation’s Disaster Preparedness Framework (published by 11 September 2017)

·         USA: The Science of Fighting Wildfires Gets a Satellite Boost (published by 11 September 2017)

·         USA: Six burning questions about Central California’s 2017 fire season (published by 10 September 2017)

·         Australia: Arnhem Land rangers blending traditional and high-tech methods to earn carbon credits (published by 10 September 2017)

·         USA: Forests west of the Cascades will see more fires, bigger fires with climate change (published by 09 September 2017)

·         Indonesia: Indonesia drags its feet on ASEAN haze threat (published by 09 September 2017)

·         OSCE / GFMC: OSCE project on wildfire management in Chernobyl-affected areas convenes stakeholders from Belarus and Ukraine in Kyiv (published by 08 September 2017)

·         USA: Sonny Perdue vows to solve 'fire borrowing' to fight wildfires (published by 08 September 2017)

·         USA: Pending federal appropriations bill includes increase for suppression, decrease for volunteer assistance (published by 08 September 2017)

·         Australia: Bushfire-resistant underground bunkers built by a Somerville company could be blaze lifesavers (published by 08 September 2017)

·         USA: Public demands consequences for 15-year-old Eagle Creek fire suspect (published by 08 September 2017)

·         USA: Army National Guard members fight western US fires as others head for Hurricane Irma (published by 08 September 2017)

·         USA: Increases in wildfire-caused erosion could impact water supply and quality in the west (published by 07 September 2017)

·         USA: Public demands consequences for 15-year-old Eagle Creek fire suspect (published by 07 September 2017)

·         USA: Has Climate Change Intensified 2017’s Western Wildfires? (published by 07 September 2017)

·         USA: Amid raging wildfires, fire management practices criticized (published by 07 September 2017)

·         Australia: Bushfire safety tips specific to Queensland's country kids delivered by new mascot, Bushy (published by 07 September 2017)

·         USA: More than 1 million acres of Montana burned this fire season (published by 06 September 2017)

·         USA: Oregon wildfire crews robbed of equipment while sleeping (published by 06 September 2017)

·         Turkey: Forest fire breaks out in Turkey’s Muğla, neighborhood evacuated (published by 06 September 2017)

·         USA: Oregon lawmakers seek wildfire funding in Harvey relief bill (published by 06 September 2017)

·         USA: NIFC mobilizes active duty military to help with wildfire suppression (published by 05 September 2017)

·         USA: Study Looks At Role Of Wild Fire Smoke In Climate Change (published by 05 September 2017)

·         USA: Wildfires cause havoc in west (published by 05 September 2017)

·         Indonesia: Ministry of Public Works Signs MoU with BRG to accelerate restoration of peatland (published by 04 September 2017)

·         USA: Fires from Canada, northern Rockies impacting weather in Nebraska & Iowa (published by 04 September 2017)

·         Mexico: Deja devastación incendio forestal (published by 04 September 2017)

·         Australia: Recurring fires are threatening the iconic snow gum (published by 04 September 2017)

·         Australia: Bushfire risk: MP pushes for mandatory standby power for mobile towers (published by 04 September 2017)

·         USA: Los Angeles fire spread halted, work to contain it continues (published by 04 September 2017)

·         Australia: Australia has hottest winter on record as climate change drives long-term warming trend (published by 02 September 2017)

·         Portugal: Secretário das Florestas admite incluir bombeiros na prevenção de incêndios (published by 02 September 2017)

·         USA: Massive — and pricey — 747 joins Cal Fire’s arsenal to battle wildfires (published by 02 September 2017)

·         USA: Wildfire potential, september through december (published by 01 September 2017)

·         USA: Initial attack command in the WUI (published by 04 September 2017)

·         Canada: The Fort McMurray wildfire is finally out after 458 days (published by 01 September 2017)

·         South Africa: Huge claims made due to Knysna fires, Cape storm - Santam (published by 01 September 2017)


·         USA: National park service releases review of Chimney tops 2 fire (published by 31 August 2017)

·         USA: This supertanker has made its first drops in the nation. And one was on the railroad fire (published by 31 August 2017)

·         Indonesia: Glimmer of hope for the orangutan as palm oil company bows to peat forest pressure (published by 31 August 2017)

·         USA: The Latest: Wildfire shuts highway at Nevada-California line (published by 31 August 2017)

·         Azarbaijan: Forest fire in Oguz region spread to the territory of the Shahdag National Park (published by 31 August 2017)

·         USA: Resources, safety concerns hamper firefighting efforts (published by 31 August 2017)

·         USA: Yosemite’s south entrance closed because of wildfire (published by 31 August 2017)

·         Canada: Massive cross-border wildfire growing rapidly (published by 30 August 2017)

·         Georgia: Forest fires in Georgia (Samtskhe-Javakheti Region) (published by 30 August 2017)

·         Montenegro: Izgubljeni poljak zapalio vatru kako bi dao znak gdje je, a onda sve izmaknulo kontroli planuo je ogromni požar, crnogorci zovu kanadere iz rh u pomoć (published by 30 August 2017)

·         Georgia / Ukraine / Azerbaijan / Iran / Turkey: Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran help Georgia fight Abastumani forest fire (published by 30 August 2017)

·         South America: Research in ancient forests show link between climate change and wildfires (published by 29 August 2017)

·         Indonesia: In Indonesia, finding the right ways to fight fire and haze (published by 29 August 2017)

·         USA: Nibley to join in state wildland fire prevention program (published by 28 August 2017)

·         USA: Cal fire chief blames wildfires on mismanaged forests (published by 28 August 2017)

·         USA: Oregon wildfires have cost taxpayers more than $100 million (published by 28 August 2017)

·         Canada: 2017 wildfire season will go down as “unprecedented” (published by 28 August 2017)

·         Canada / Australia: North Coast firies to assist with Canadian blazes (published by 28 August 2017)

·         Bulgaria: Bulgaria: Kresna Gorge forest fires lead to more evacuations (published by 28 August 2017)

·         Greece: Wildfire rages on western island of Greece, no casualties reported (published by 27 August 2017)

·         USA: Oregon’s wildfires have burned over 300,000 acres and cost of firefighting has surpassed $100 million (published by 27 August 2017)

·         South Africa: Afriforum releases investigation into knysna fires (published by 25 August 2017)

·         Israel: Israel to participate in inter-country emergency services drill (published by 25 August 2017)

·         USA: Proposed bill to track cancer rates among us fire fighters (published by 25 August 2017)

·         Macedonia / Israel: Israeli Air Force recount mission in Macedonia (published by 24 August 2017)

·         Georgia: Forest fire in Borjomi Gorge: Updates for August 24 (published by 24 August 2017)

·         Canada: BC Wildfires: New Blaze Forces Evacuation Of 1,100 (published by 24 August 2017)

·         USA: Two injured Downey firemen airlifted to Utah burn center (published by 23 August 2017)

·         South Africa: Deadly fire tears through Vryheid (published by 23 August 2017)

·         UK: Prototype technology developed for unearthing minefields with fire (published by 23 August 2017)

·         Portugal: Two detained, suspected of starting forest fires, for 2017 total of 70 (published by 23 August 2017)

·         Spain: Forest fires hit five-year record in Spain (published by 22 August 2017)

·         Georgia: Georgian leader thanks Baku for assistance in extinguishing forest fire (published by 22 August 2017)

·         Georgia: Update: Forest fire in Borjomi Gorge now close to nearby settlement (published by 22 August 2017)

·         Georgia: Massive wildfire in Georgia’s Borjomi National Park (published by 22 August 2017)

·         USA: Don't let funding for US Forest Service go up in flames (published by 21 August 2017)

·         Canada: Quebec fire protection service reports decrease in forest fires compared to last decade (published by 21 August 2017)

·         Georgia: Wild fire in central Georgia contained (published by 21 August 2017)

·         Brazil: Brazil's agents of the Amazon fighting loggers, fires to stop deforestation (published by 21 August 2017)

·         Indonesia: An End to Secondhand Smoke: Can Southeast Asia Finally Breathe a Sigh of Relief? (published by 21 August 2017)

·         Portugal: Incêndios: Mais de 4.000 operacionais combatiam chamas pelas 18:00 (published by 20 August 2017)

·         France: Forest fires leave thousands of passengers stranded across southern France (published by 20 August 2017)

·         Portugal: Helicopter combating forest fire crashes in northern Portugal (published by 20 August 2017)

·         USA: Oregon wildfire forces evacuations in prime eclipse zone (published by 19 August 2017)

·         Turkey: Arson suspected in massive forest fire near touristic Ayvalık in western Turkey (published by 19 August 2017)

·         Europe: France’s Hulot calls for ‘European civil protection force’ to counter forest fires (published by 18 August 2017)

·         Portugal: Portugal's fire fighters work for free amidst deadly wildfires (published by 18 August 2017)

·         Indonesia: Indonesian wildfires are now an intractable problem (published by 18 August 2017)

·         Italy: Sicilian fire fighters detained for arson (published by 18 August 2017)

·         Global: This is how much of the world is currently on fire (published by 18 August 2017)

·         South Africa: Fire decimates 50 farms in cathcart, eastern cape (published by 18 August 2017)

·         Canada: Is it time to start protecting caribou habitat from forest fires? N.W.T. Métis leader says yes (published by 17 August 2017)

·         USA: Training volunteers to fight wildland fires (published by 17 August 2017)

·         Brunei Darussalam: Brunei needs hi-tech monitoring of forests (published by 17 August 2017)

·         Portugal: Portuguese red cross helps forest fire victims to recover from tragedy (published by 17 August 2017)

·         Portugal: Wildfires trap 2,000 people in town in central Portugal (published by 17 August 2017)

·         USA: Western Montana firefighting costs soar past $100M (published by 17 August 2017)

·         Bolivia: Un incendio cerca la ciudad boliviana de Tarija (published by 16 August 2017)

·         Croatia: Houses defended, 160 firefighters and soldiers stay on duty overnight (published by 16 August 2017)

·         Portugal: Forest fires: EU helps mobilise planes, vehicles and firefighters to help Portugal (published by 16 August 2017)

·         USA: University sharpens science of firefighting in Alaska (published by 16 August 2017)

·         USA: Fighting fires for free, aging volunteers struggle to recruit the next generation (published by 16 August 2017)

·         USA: NIFC mobilizes military aircraft to assist with wildfire detection and mapping in western U.S. (published by 16 August 2017)

·         Armenia / Russia: Firefighters From Armenia, Russia Localize Wildfire In Forest Reserve (published by 16 August 2017)

·         Greenland / Denmark: Greenland is still burning, but the smoke may be the real problem (published by 15 August 2017)

·         Ecuador: Dos conatos de incendio forestal en Quito en menos de 15 horas (published by 15 August 2017)

·         USA: California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (published by 15 August 2017)

·         Canada: 8,450 square kilometres burned as B.C. nears worst wildfire season (published by 15 August 2017)

·         USA: Stop With the 'Catastrophic Wildfire' Scare Tactics (published by 15 August 2017)

·         Portugal: 3,000 Firefighters in Portugal Combat Raging Wildfire (published by 15 August 2017)

·         Zambia: Two boys perish in bush fire (published by 15 August 2017)

·         Algeria: Algeria: 26 arrested for deliberately starting 131 forest fires (published by 15 August 2017)

·         Europe: Climate change blamed as EU's forest fires nearly treble in 2017 (published by 15 August 2017)

·         Mexico / Chile: Edoméx y Chile intercambian experiencias en combate de incendios forestales (published by 14 August 2017)

·         Portugal: Un gran incendio en Portugal no da tregua y obliga a desalojar cuatro aldeas (published by 14 August 2017)

·         Turkey: Turkey Hires First Female Firefighting Helo Pilot, Reports Say (published by 14 August 2017)

·         Greece: Greece Seeks EU Help as Wildfires Rage (published by 14 August 2017)

·         Peru: Apurímac: incendio forestal destruye 800 hectáreas de cobertura natural (published by 14 August 2017)

·         Bolivia: Incendio forestal en Bolivia dañó más de 10.000 hectáreas (published by 14 August 2017)

·         USA: Wildfires rage in northwestern United States (published by 14 August 2017)

·         Portugal: Heroes without capes: Portugal’s firefighters work for free (published by 14 August 2017)

·         Portugal: Portugal asks EU for help putting out hundreds of forest fires as temperatures soar (published by 14 August 2017)

·         Greece: Entire Mountain Slope in Flames: Heartbreaking Photos from Kalamos Wildfire (published by 14 August 2017)

·         Greece: Scenes of apocalypse north of athens as wildfire burns for second day (published by 14 August 2017)

·         Peru: Incendio forestal devora más de 1,500 hectáreas en San Pedro de Cachora (published by 14 August 2017)

·         USA: Fire Department is useless (published by 13 August 2017)

·         Columbia: Otro incendio forestal en Huila por ola de calor (published by 13 August 2017)

·         Nicaragua: Incendios forestales arrasan bosques en el Caribe (published by 13 August 2017)

·         Greece: Houses are Burned at Huge Wildfire in Kalamos, North of Athens (published by 13 August 2017)

·         Portugal: Portugal asks for help from Europe to fight forest fires (published by 13 August 2017)

·         Australia: ACT Rural Fire Service concerned about dry winter leading into bushfire season (published by 13 August 2017)

·         Bolivia: Incendio forestal en Bolivia deja dos muertos (published by 12 August 2017)

·         USA: Rapid Response: Should the Forest Service change approach to fires? (published by 12 August 2017)

·         Canada: Forest fires threaten shambhala music festival attendees (published by 12 August 2017)

·         Canada: Firefighters Facing Dynamic Wildfire Threat (published by 12 August 2017)

·         USA: Resilient forests (published by 12 August 2017)

·         Albania: Albania - Forest fires (National Authorities, DG ECHO) (ECHO Daily Flash of 12 August 2017) (published by 12 August 2017)

·         Portugal: Portugal Forest Fires Worsen, Fed by Poor Choices and Inaction (published by 12 August 2017)

·         Indonesia: Commentary: Combat future haze by working with Indonesia and ASEAN (published by 12 August 2017)

·         Bolivia / Chile: Canciller ofrece ayuda a Bolivia por graves incendios forestales (published by 11 August 2017)

·         Greenland / Denmark: Greenland fires ignite climate change fears (published by 11 August 2017)

·         Canada: Fighting to breathe in the face of Canada’s wildfire emergency (published by 11 August 2017)

·         Indonesia: Land-swap rule among Indonesian President Jokowi’s latest peat reforms (published by 11 August 2017)

·         Portugal: LOOK: Four Portuguese towns evacuated as forest fires rage (published by 11 August 2017)

·         Canada: Only certain masks protect against forest fire smoke (published by 11 August 2017)

·         Canada: Artificial intelligence can better predict forest fires, says Alberta researcher (published by 11 August 2017)

·         Israel: Israel, Jordan, PA to hold first-of-its-kind joint firefighting and rescue exercise (published by 11 August 2017)

·         Cyprus: Forest fire warning to mountain visitors (published by 11 August 2017)

·         France: Corse : deux incendies font rage à Sisco et en Balagne (published by 11 August 2017)

·         Bolivia: Incendio forestal afectó poblado cercano a Tarija (published by 11 August 2017)

·         Indonesia: Indonesia Forest Fires Intractable Problem, Despite Efforts (published by 11 August 2017)

·         Indonesia: People, palm oil, pulp and planet: four perspectives on Indonesia’s fire-stricken peatlands (published by 11 August 2017)

·         USA: We worked for Bush & Obama: Here's a bipartisan solution to America's wildfire problem (published by 11 August 2017)

·         USA: Dla assists with nationwide wildland fire fighting, US (published by 11 August 2017)

·         Croatia: Croatian mountain rescue service helps tackle disastrous fires (published by 11 August 2017)

·         USA: Residents of smoke-choked Montana town advised to leave (published by 10 August 2017)

·         France: Le feu de forêt dans les Bouches-du-Rhône "fixé" (published by 10 August 2017)

·         Indonesia: Here’s what Indonesia is doing about its deadly haze from forest and peatland fires (published by 10 August 2017)

·         USA: Boeing drone subsidiary Insitu joins new partnership to track wildfires day and night (published by 10 August 2017)

·         USA: General Atomics provides new firefighting technology to City of San Diego (published by 10 August 2017)

·         France: Forest fire: Hundreds flee blaze in southern France (published by 10 August 2017)

·         Georgia: Forest Blaze on Mtatsminda Mount, Tbilisi (published by 09 August 2017)

·         Greenland / Denmark: 'Unusual' Greenland wildfires linked to peat (published by 09 August 2017)

·         Malaysia: SEA Games: Malaysia urges Indonesia to control haze (published by 09 August 2017)

·         Bolivia: Incendio forestal daña 250 hectáreas en área protegida del centro de Bolivia (published by 09 August 2017)

·         UNISDR / GFMC: Fires in Europe Fuelled by Urbanisation and Climate Change (PDF, 0.4 MB) (published by 08 August 2017)

·         USA: Point and Click to Track Wildfire Activity in the United States (published by 08 August 2017)

·         Indonesia: First real test for Jokowi on haze as annual fires return to Indonesia (published by 08 August 2017)

·         Argentina: El incendio forestal de Los Ángeles consumió más de mil hectáreas (published by 08 August 2017)

·         Canada: Haze, smoke causes hospital spikes in Lower Mainland (published by 08 August 2017)

·         USA: Cal Fire to begin their contract with the Very Large Airtankers (published by 08 August 2017)

·         USA: 'Departments are strapped, we need help:' State faces shortage of volunteer firefighters (published by 08 August 2017)

·         Indonesia: Rains dampen forest fires in Kalimantan and Sumatra, new fires emerge in Papua (published by 08 August 2017)

·         USA: Abandoned mine’s ponds tapped in firefighting effort (published by 08 August 2017)

·         USA: Wild bees thrive after severe forest fires (published by 08 August 2017)

·         UNISDR / GFMC: Full UNISDR Interview with Prof. Johann Georg Goldammer, Director of the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) – 7 August 2017 (PDF, 0.3 MB) (published by 07 August 2017)

·         USA: ‘Bird bomb’ ignites vegetation fire near vineyard (published by 07 August 2017)

·         USA: Wildfires complicate eclipse planning efforts (published by 07 August 2017)

·         Bulgaria: 630 Wildfires Suppressed in Bulgaria in the Past 3 Days (published by 07 August 2017)

·         Costa Rica: Number of Forest Fires Decreases in Costa Rica (published by 07 August 2017)

·         Malaysia / Indonesia: Johan Setia peatfires cause of Klang, Shah Alam haze (published by 07 August 2017)

·         USA: Guest Opinion: We need responsible forest fire policies, not more logging (published by 06 August 2017)

·         New Zealand / Canada: Team of 80 NZers to fight rampant Canada wildfires (published by 06 August 2017)

·         Peru: Rescatan a oso de anteojos luego de incendio forestal en Machu Picchu (published by 06 August 2017)

·         Greece: The Latest: Fire burns unchecked on Greek island of Kythira (published by 06 August 2017)

·         USA: Poison Oak Effects Hundreds of Firefighters on Wildland Frontlines (published by 06 August 2017)

·         Ghana: Four million farmers to benefit from technology centres (published by 06 August 2017)

·         Tunisia: Tunisia loses swathes of forest in fires (published by 06 August 2017)

·         USA: Op-Ed Some wildfires simply can't be fought (published by 06 August 2017)

·         USA: Gunfire caused destructive wildfire near Yosemite (published by 06 August 2017)

·         Canada: Hundreds more overseas firefighters en route to British Columbia (published by 06 August 2017)

·         South Africa: Soutpansberg has lost its lush grasslands (published by 05 August 2017)

·         Indonesia: Indonesian military officer orders that forest burners be shot (published by 05 August 2017)

·         Malaysia: 10 more fire stations for Sabah in next five years (published by 05 August 2017)

·         USA: Brown: Debunking the blame on nation's intense wildfires (published by 04 August 2017)

·         Russia: Meeting on wildfire relief in Buryatia and Irkutsk Region (published by 04 August 2017)

·         Canada: Dealing with Wildfires: Insights from the Fort McMurray Reviews (published by 04 August 2017)

·         USA: Facebook can be more useful than satellite data for tracking wildfire smoke (published by 04 August 2017)

·         Australia: Climate change a serious threat to national security: Climate Council (published by 04 August 2017)

·         USA: Fire fighting 747 strategically positioned for time-sensitive US operations (published by 04 August 2017)

·         Global: Experts believe climate change will feed wildfires worldwide (published by 04 August 2017)

·         Denmark / Greenland: Unusual Wildfire Burns in Greenland (published by 03 August 2017)

·         Serbia / Russia: Russia sends fire helicopter to Serbia (published by 03 August 2017)

·         Greece: Brush fire south of Athens injures firemen, damages homes (published by 03 August 2017)

·         Canada: 2017 second-worst B.C. wildfire season on record (published by 03 August 2017)

·         Canada: Seattle’s heat wave, wildfire haze could linger into next week, weather service says (published by 03 August 2017)

·         India: Frame forest fire policy in three months: Green Tribunal to govt (published by 03 August 2017)

·         Malaysia: Malaysia minister seeking to visit Indonesia over forest fires before SEA Games (published by 03 August 2017)

·         Greece: Brush fire south of Athens injures firemen, damages homes (published by 03 August 2017)

·         Macedonia: Пожарът в Македонски Брод се разширява (published by 03 August 2017)

·         France: Corse-du-Sud : 150 hectares brûlés à Palneca, trois autres départs de feux (published by 03 August 2017)

·         Canada / Mexico: Se van a Canadá 108 mexicanos para combatir incendios (published by 03 August 2017)

·         USA: Firefighter killed fighting Lolo Peak fire in Montana (published by 03 August 2017)

·         Canada / USA: BC wildfire smoke continues to plague Portland air quality (published by 03 August 2017)

·         USA: Wildfire Smoke From Canada Expected To Keep On Coming Into Washington And Oregon (published by 02 August 2017)

·         Portugal: Fogo de Chaves com duas frentes ativas mobiliza 349 operacionais (published by 02 August 2017)

·         Canada: Quebec firefighters relieve colleagues fighting B.C. forest fires (published by 02 August 2017)

·         USA: Oregon wildfires prompt governor to declare state of emergency (published by 02 August 2017)

·         USA: BC fires’ haze drifts in, softens heat wave (published by 02 August 2017)

·         Tunisia: Tunisian authorities evacuating citizens after outbreak of forest fires (published by 02 August 2017)

·         USA: Fire season could stay dangerous into November, experts predict (published by 01 August 2017)

·         Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe: National Herd Increases 4% (published by 01 August 2017)

·         USA: Wildfires cost Montana $21M so far with no end in sight (published by 01 August 2017)

·         USA: Health dangers of forest fire smoke remain less understood (published by 01 August 2017)

·         Indonesia: Indonesia hot spots down as water-bombing sorties continue (published by 01 August 2017)

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