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Some Visual Impressions of Fire in Chile

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Fig.1. Fire start in the mountain region between Valdivia and Concepción, Chile


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Fig.2. Smoke from burning activities near Quetropillán volcano, Chile


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Fig.3. Escaped agricultural burn in degraded forest vegetation, Regions de los Lagos and Bio-Bio, Chile


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Fig.4. Extended smoke layer caused by agricultural burning and wildfires in the Regions de los Lagos and Bío-Bío, Chile


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Fig.5. Fire-affected natural mountain rain forest dominated by Nothofagus obliqua, Region de los Lagos, Chile


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Fig.6. Closed canopy of fire-protected Valdivian rain forest as seen from the bird-eye perspective


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Fig.7. More than 2 million hectares of conifer plantations (Pinus radiata) are mainly concentrated in the central part of Chile. These plantations are subjected to extreme fire risk during the dry season (see Fig.8)


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Fig.8. High loads of surface and aerial fuels associated with high-intensity stand-replacement fire risk characterize the Pinus radiata plantations in Chile


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Fig.9. Land clearing fires often escape into surrounding vegetation if not properly confined


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Fig.10. Aerial view of a fire detection tower, Region de los Lagos, Chile


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Fig.11. Fire dispatch center in Concepción, Chile (historic view dated 1982)